Each of ETERNA’s products is processed well and gone through a tight inspection before it is launched in the market.
Using digital control panel, the accuracy of each products can be controlled easily to keep the best quality.

ETERNA Nonwoven Products (brand of EGP, a company that produces nonwoven products in Indonesia) uses PET, PP, and recycled materials that are eco-friendly. Founded in June 1990, the market has trusted ETERNA Nonwoven Products for its products measurement accuracy. By its production capacity up to 4.800 ton/year, the presence has also fulfilled the current market needs by replacing its high costs and hard to obtain materials with low costs, efficient, and eco-friendly ones.

To reduce the production costs, some based materials can be replaced with nonwoven one. This method has been used gradually over years because of its effectiveness. This can be seen particularly in automotive industry. There are more nonwoven materials being used due to its lightweight characteristic replacing its former heavier materials.

By using ETERNA Nonwoven Products, we have taken part in saving the environment because there is no factory waste during the production process. Some of the production process:

ETERNA production process